O Our online shop is fully operational, we deliver as usual

O Our showroom in Alrmoradi is open to the public


29/07/2020 We inform our customers that our instant consumer credit program is now operational. Thanks to our new partner Aplazame, a Spanish online consumer credit provider, you can now pay for your purchase in monthly installments. Choose “Financiación” as your payment method and follow the instructions on the screen

01/06/2020 Our instant consumer credit service is currently not available. We are working on a better, more reliable solution with a new partner.

15/05/2020 Our showroom in Almoradi is now open to the public. Please ring before visting

11/04/2020 We inform you that our furniture financing service is active. We don’t have information on whether the rules are stricter due to the COVID-19 epidemic but there are approved and rejected requests as always. To buy furniture with financing you need to add your products to the shopping cart, choose “Instant Financing Pagantis” as a payment method and follow the instructions on the screen. At Don Baraton we will continue to support consumers in these difficult times. The service is provided by our partner and we cannot guarantee that it will be available in the future

04/04/2020 The furniture factories in Spain are closed due to the COVID-19 state of alarm in Spain. There were problems with supplies of materials even before the state of alarm was declared in Spain. Most Spanish furniture factories rely on components imported from China where the epidemic started earlier than in Europe. Local alternatives exist but they are more expensive. Also it will take some time for the factories to adjust. It is recommended to place orders now to recieve during or after the state of alarm. We expect to have less products available in the end of April and possibly higher prices.

03/04/2020 The Royal Decree 10/2020 (March, 29) recognizes  online commerce as essential industry, excluded from the mandatory business lockdown list in Spain. The law explicitly considers e-commerce and its distribution as essential activities, thus e-commerce and its associated operations remain allowed and we will continue operating (as indicated in clause 24 in the annex of Spain’s official State newsletter).

Source: Agencia Estatal Boletín Oficial del Estado,

01/04/2020 Our online store continues to operate with additional precautional measures. We remind you that our showroom in Almoradi is temporarily closed to publc due the COVID-19 state of alarm in Spain.

14/03/2020 Our furniture showroom in Almoradi is temporarily closed to the public due to the state of alarm in Spain. We deliver order placed online on our website as usual.

10/03/2020 Our warehouse in Almoradi is open. Online orders are fulfilled as usual.

09/03/2020 We are starting to publish coronavirus related updates on our operations in this section of the website. Stay tuned!