Hello, friends, my name is Don Baraton!


Perhaps, you have never heard about me, so let’s fix that. I will tell you my story.

I came from a wonderland called Baratonia, where everything is different – people don’t believe in fairytales about brands, they don’t overpay for a pretend high quality of a product and overall they don’t let anyone fool them. So I thought – why can’t we do the same here? I have decided to correct the situation and I came here! My target – fair trade, without lies and deceive.

I begin with the sales of simple household items, like sofas, beds, tables, wardrobes, carpets and rugs, electrical goods and much more. I know that this story might sound silly to you and it might look like another sales trick, and you might ask yourself a question, what does my honesty or generosity has to do with this as I’m not giving away things for free?

Please proceed reading, all the answers are there!


These are the basic principles of my work:


Low prices. There are no hidden extras in my price! I sell my product at the price that contains:

  • The small manufacturer cost
  • The cost of my storage premises including taxes etc…
  • Fair reward for my salesman that works on commission and who will help you and advise you on what’s best for you and who will not be tricking you into buying anything, unless you’re 100% sure with it

You’are not paying for a “brand”. Like I’ve mentioned, there’s no trickery, you can simply look at my sofas and compare them to the other ones that you might see in the furniture shops! And you will see that my sofas are much better quality and with a lot lower price tag

Minimum expenses. I work with minimum expenses – simple and cheap storage warehouses, not expensive delivery vans, everything to keep the price lower so you can pay less

No middleman. I directly import the sofas with no middleman, I only pay for the transport that delivers them to my premises and the manufacturer!

No credits. I’m not tied to any loans or credits with the banks. I don’t work with the banks, so I can make extra money on you. Also, you won’t need a finance with my prices

Latest models! My stock changes very fast and it’s usually one off pieces that I get, that means it’s the only chance to purchase that item at that price and there won’t be another one. Тhis system helps me to have a variety of product and more interest in it. You have to hurry, as you won’t get the same sofa at that price!


Do you like my approach?


Then hurry up and come around to see my product with your own eyes, experience my honesty and customer service!

Welcome to my shop, please feel comfortable here, as if you are in your own house, feel free to ask about anything you would like to know regarding my product. Looking forward to seeing you coming in trough my doors!!!

I welcome you to my on-line shop or one of my shops. Have a look around, feel the sofas with your hands, sit down and lie down on them and have a think until you realise that it’s not worth paying more elsewhere for the same product!