Home Appliances

Hello everyone, my name is Don Baraton!


On this page, I will inform you about my home appliances (electrical goods)!


Kettles, toasters, microwave ovens, fryers — they’re all just some small things, but they make our lives easier. All these items and devices became part of our lives and our daily routine so why should they cost a fortune? They shouldn’t! All they should do is serve their purpose!


Here’s a brief list of our items


Kitchen appliances: blenders, mixers, coffee makers, toasters, kettles, juice makers, sandwich makers, rice cookers, fryers, portable electric hobs etc…! Fill your kitchen with everything you need without spending a fortune!
More for your home: fans, heaters, irons, weight scales etc…. Everything to fill your home with happiness. Let’s not forget – at very very reasonable prices!
Personal care: hair dryers, hair clippers, electric razors, manicure and pedicure devices. With some practice, you can set up your own beauty salon! I’ll remind you – it’s cheap!


P.S. Oh yes, I will not stop repeating myself, it is – cheap!