Web developer of this website

This online store was developed and is managed by LEPUNTO, a multilingual agency that helps us with our marketing efforts online and offline. They came up with the name “Don Baraton” a few months ago to help us rock the Spanish furniture market. It is working well! “Don Baraton” is now a registered trademark in Spain and everyone loves it!

The website is still in its infancy (launched in April, 2017) and we believe there could be some mistakes that we haven’t noticed yet.

We work hard to bring you the best furniture in Spain at affordable prices and we want to make sure you can order and securely buy our products with ease.

Your opinion matters! Was it easy to find the products you were looking for? Is it easy to choose and buy? Does the website work well on your mobile device or laptop? Found a technical bug, a typo or a translation mistake? We are listening.

Any ideas or suggestions of cooperation online? Would you like to mention Don Baraton on your blog? Or maybe you want us to comment on the furniture market in Spain or write a guest post about furniture? We will be more than happy to hear from you, all ideas are welcome!

We will also appreciate any comments on how this website can be improved.

Please contact the website developer