Hello, my name is Don Baraton! 


My story is here. On this page, I will describe you the sofas that I’m selling.


Main ingredient in our lounge


Sofa is probably the most used piece of furniture that we have in our household, all the family life is spent around the sofa. It’s where we all sit down just to have a break from our daily routine, or lie down just to relax and stretch our legs, or sit with all our family to watch television. Everyone loves nice and comfortable sofa to relax on, even our pets love it, obviously if we allow them to be on it.

Being the most used item of furniture in our household, sofas are getting worn the most or even brake in some cases of accidents that happen or the very extreme use of them. Of course sometimes it’s our pets that are responsible for some damage to the sofa by scratching it or chewing on it. That’s why even the high quality of a product in some cases doesn’t help!

And keeping my prices low will not affect your budget and stress you so much in case something from above was to happen to your sofa. It’s only a material item that sooner or later will get worn or will get damaged or broken in some cases, and it’s not worth to stress about.


Price of the sofa


People often ask – what’s the difference between your sofas and those in the shops, that are more expensive but look the same or in some cases even don’t look good? But the price is different!

I’ll be straight and will honestly tell you that there’s no difference between the sofas, they’re all the same product manufactured by different factories!

The only difference is that all the furniture shops, big or small are trying to make a large profit on one item by tricking you in believing that their products are the best, that they have factory prices and you won’t find any cheaper, that their products are higher quality than anyone else’s.

It’s all just sales techniques that they use! All I’m saying is that my sofas are the same as anyone else’s but the price tag is a lot lower, you can compare it yourself. I’m not interested in making large profit on one item like the shops do. My goal is to keep the price low (so everyone can afford a brand new and quality sofa) and sell more by having lower price.

I’ve noticed that in many different shops, there’s usually the same or very similar product, but the price range goes up and down! Or even worse – lower quality, but higher price!

It all has to do with a name or brand of a product. We are constantly exposed to advertisements of all kind of different companies that are trying to sell their product by saying it’s the best and the latest on the market and that it is one of a kind.

Most of the times we are simply being fooled by all these advertisements. We are prepared to pay, sometimes a substantial amount of money for something that in reality is not worth that money at all. Because it has been shown to us so much it becomes more wanted by us the consumers. And the more wanted a product becomes, the higher price tag it will have, when in reality we shouldn’t be overpaying for anything.

Trust me and don’t let anyone trick you into thinking that something is worth more than it is. Remember, a sofa is a sofa, there’s no science about it. It has to be comfortable, it has to be a good quality and you have to make sure you like it before buying it and of course it has to be cheap.


What is an ideal sofa?


A sofa should be comfortable, nice looking and of course not expensive! Everyone should be able to afford a decent sofa.

I have a wide range of sofas of manufacturers from all around the world. I have tried to sell my sofas through different furniture shops all over Costa Blanca, but from now on I am selling them directly to you without any middle man, which means you will pay a lot less for my product.

I have a wide selection of different sofas: pure leather ones, faux leather ones, all kinds of fabric ones, faux suede ones, sofa-beds, two-seaters, 3 seaters, 4 seaters, recliners, corner ones, corner ones with the chaise, corner ones with lift up storage… Even the electric ones!

I invite you to visit my shops, also my online shop. There’s a big variety of products, but the best thing about them is that they’re not expensive. Which means that everyone can afford them!