Small U-shaped Sofa with Bed, 2 Chaise Longues, 3 Storages – Bora

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  • Compact u-shaped sofa
  • 2 chaise longues
  • 3 storage compartments
  • Bed 142 x 267 cm

Dimensions: length 288 cm, chaise longue 144 cm, height 90 cm

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Small u-shaped sofa with bed, two chaise longues and three  storage compartments – Bora. 

A sofa shape in great demand that offers comfortable chaise seats for two people at the same time. This model is popular because of its relatively small size. With a length of 288 cm (quite unusual for a u-shaped sofa, the majority of them have a length of at least 3 meters), this sofa is great for smaller living rooms where it is not possible to put a larger U-shaped sofa. The armrests of this model are narrow to allow a larger and not take a too much space in the room. The depth (or the length of the chaise longues) of the sofa (144 cm) allows to install it in a small living room and have enough space for other things, without cluttering up your room. The sofa easily transforms into a comfy and spacious bed. You only need to pull the seat in the middle and put down the backrest. The sofa is upholstered in durable grey synthetic fabric Inari (seats and cushions) and white faux leather (the lower part of the sofa). Three storage compartments, one under the seat in the middle and two under the chaise longues, will offer some additional room to store bedding and clothing items. Eight cushions are included into the price. You you are looking for a U-shaped sofa and have limited space – this is a model for you!

Dimensions: length 288 cm, depth (length of the chaise longue) 144 cm, height 90 cm. Dimensions of the unfolded bed: 142 x 267 cm If you have more space for a sofa, check out a larger model here: U-shaped sofa with chaise longue and pull-out bed

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